What Are You Mad About Today?!

What Are You Mad About Today?!

I’m not usually one to rant, but today has been a day.


At my first job (which isn’t in radio and is okay, but not as cool as this one) I was bombarded with a constant stream of questions I didn’t know the answers to and people were getting huffy with me because “I should know everything”.


That wasn’t even the worst part though. Not even close.


You see, my usual routine is to get out of my less fun job, and then immediately come here to work. Today, being the day my rent is due, meant that I had to make a quick detour to my apartment so I could pay my rent by check in person. I could do it online, but I like having the physical receipt and I had to ask them about an extra charge that came out of absolutely nowhere. I’m on a budget, this random fee is not nice news.


I get home, change out of my work clothes, write out the check, and head to the office ready to ask about this fee. The note on the front door said they would be back at 3:30. No big deal, I can sit on the bench for 15 minutes.


3:30 came and went..and then 3:40, and then I gave up and left at 3:50 because I had to get to the radio station ASAP.


I’m not mad they didn’t show up, I get people are busy. What frustrated me the most was the note on the door said 3:30 and I even waited an extra 20 minutes.

I’m just trying to be responsible and pay my bill. The only time I will have before the end of the grace period is tomorrow morning, I just hope they are there.

Ranting is good once in a while. Let’s you get all of the stress out. What are YOU upset by today?! Let it out!