Quick-ish Review: The Dirt

Quick-ish Review: The Dirt

**Soft spoilers, don’t read unless you already know what happens or don’t care**



“The Dirt” is the biopic about Motley Crue that released on Netflix, and over the weekend I had the chance to finally watch it.


Being 21, I never really had the chance to experience them in their prime. This movie did a pretty good job, I think, of really getting the “Sex Drugs, and Rock” vibe that was the 80’s scene. There is definitely a lot of Sex Drugs, and Rock too. So maybe don’t watch this one with the kids, if they want to see it I’m sure they will without you knowing anyway (sorry mom).


The movie starts with a party in Nikki Sixx’s apartment shortly after the band blew up and it probably has the quickest “start of movie to boobs time” I’ve seen in a while. There is also what I can only describe as slightly too hardcore for Cinemax type of scene within the first 5 minutes too as MGK Narrates in the background.


Then the movie does flashbacks of Nikki and Tommy Lee so you can get a real perspective of where the two came from and what they were dealing with growing up. It’s very contrasting to say the least.


They also off hand sort of go into Mick Mars and and Vince Neil’s background, but never explicitly showed it, which I would have really liked to see more of to be honest, but I understand the choice.


The movie then just builds up from there, showing them meting each other, getting the band going, naming the band, and blowing up. It gave a pretty good timeline with some weird random narration points thrown in there that were funny, but didn’t really fit in well?

I really liked how the movie went more to focus on their personal relationships instead of putting the spotlight on just them playing. It did feel rushed in parts, but the montage scene was neat.


“The Dirt” also does a great job of showing their local scene before they got famous. I don’t know a lot about the L.A. local scene, but I know a ton about Omaha’s scene and found a surprising amount of parallels.


My main takeaways were:


Vince Neil had a heartbreaking and hard ass life, being involved in a drunk driving accident killing a friend from another band, and the strain that happened between his family, and culminating in the loss of his daughter. Dude had it rough.


Nikki had a rough life too, but it was real hard to feel sympathy for him. He had a rough life but he was smacked out of his mind almost 24/7, and I am glad he came to terms with his demons to get sober, but I never realized how much of a crappy person he was before rehab.

Same with Tommy Lee to be honest. Dude was married to freaking HEATHER LOCKLEAR and he screwed it up because he couldn’t stay faithful on the road. Like dude, I’d be cool if late 80’s Locklear even looked in my direction.


Learning about Mick Mars is what really surprised me the most. He was the father figure that everyone in that band needed. Dude was already old when they started the band with a bunch of barely adults. He was suffering from a horrible painful disease and just wanted to make the most of it with a serious band for as long as he could, and boy did he. Mick had a lot of faults too but even he seemed to restrain from the hard drugs on the road and just kind of stuck to vodka. I liked Mick a lot.


Basically, see the movie. Not really knowing anything about Motley Crue going in, this was  super informative and the timeline fits fairly well. The end credits were real cool too, as they showed the scenes from the movie side by side with footage from the band themselves and pictures. They did a real good job matching things up.