Every Place/Location Mentioned In RHCP Songs

Every Place/Location Mentioned In RHCP Songs

It’s a long running joke that all you have to do to make a Red Hot Chili Peppers song is just get a funky baseline and mention California a few times.


But, according to a post made by Reddit user Flamingo58, over their discography, California is only actually mentioned 113 times.

That’s still a lot, but a hell of a lot less than anyone would have guessed.

That’s not even the most shocking part though. You see, our friend Flamingo did a deep dive into RHCP and made a map (that you can see below) highlighting every single place/location the band has mentioned. To be honest, there are a lot of places I hadn’t even heard of before..which is sad..but in my defense, I haven’t had to take a geography class in years!

Flamingo also made us a little quiz, to really hammer home how diverse RHCP is in what locations they use in their music.

I took it..and it reminded me of why I hated school. The sad part is I was even listening to RHCP while taking this AND I had literally just looked at the map before hand.

Honestly, slightly above average is the story of my life.


Try to beat my score:

Here’s the full high res version of the map too if you’re a map nerd like I am.


Go nuts, and be sure to share the quiz with your friends to prove you know more than they do.