Record Store Day 2019 Recap

Record Store Day 2019 Recap

Here we are, at the end of another amazing holiday.


This was my second RSD in a row and I love it more and more every year. As always, everyone in line was really cool! From the time I showed up (8 am) to the time doors actually opened (10am) everyone was all really awesome and really cool to each other. We were all there for our love of music and supporting local business. Once inside everyone was super helpful. All you had to do was ask “Anyone see Green Day?” and it would appear in front of you, from some stranger you’ve never met before. No fuss, no arguing, no fighting, just helping others and excitement. If this doesn’t prove music brings people together nothing will.


When I showed up at 8am, two hours before the doors would even open, I thought..hoped I was going to be one of the first 12 in line to snag that sweet 3″ record player that came with the Foo Fighters 3″ vinyl. I got into a line that was already wrapping around the corner almost an entire block down! Homer’s were even cool enough to supply food and water for the wait, so major props to them.


I managed to snag a couple of interviews while waiting in line too, including the people who were at the very front…let’s just say they wanted that record player bad.


Listen to them right here!

Of course I have to include my haul too! The picture at the top sums it up pretty well but I’ve also include some close-ups of each individual record.


That Weezer one suprised me. I had absolutely no idea that was going to be there. The Blue Album is one of, if not, my favorite album of theirs!



And yes, the Weezer vinyl is a blue marbled thing..which is cool as hell!