For Grandma

For Grandma

“They say you die twice. Once when you stop breathing and the second, a bit later on, when somebody mentions your name for the last time.” – Bansky


Today, I went to Death or Glory Tattoo in Council Bluffs to get a very special piece done.


My grandmother was like a 3rd parent to me. I would go hang out with her every other weekend when I was young while both of my parents were at work, she would constantly be the mediator and voice of reason whenever I would get into a fight with my cousins, and she had such a way with speaking softly but leaving an impact.


When my parents got divorced I’d go to Grandma’s house after school until Dad got off of work. She would always have cookies and a sandwich ready for an after school snack. No way in hell you’d be caught not with food at her place.


Even after the divorce, Grandma would still hand write letters to my mom to keep in touch. That’s proof enough right there of the kind of woman Grandma was.


She used to be a teacher, so when I came to her asking for help with spelling, the only other thing next to math I sucked at, she took the time, printed off activity sheets for us to work on together, and helped me improve!


There was another time I mentioned off hand that it would be really cool to try some fudge some time.


Grandma loved to bake. Not only did she make fudge, but every year after that for Christmas she always made some and let me have the first few before anyone else.


Another time she went out of her way to learn how to make some kind of desert because I had mentioned something about it offhand once. She then made it for me for every birthday up until she passed. The first time she ever made that desert, she was so upset because she thought it “was a flop” but it still was the best tasting thing in the world. Nothing could beat my grandmother’s cooking. Even with Celiac Disease she was still able to make food that tasted great.


She always encouraged my reading or, if I watched TV she would make me take breaks and play games. We used to play so many board games. She was always there to listen and always ready to give advice. I miss her every single day.


That’s why I got this tattoo.


My grandpa managed to find some paper with her signature on it.


The flower is an African Daisy. According to my dad, she had a bunch of them from her mother, and when Dad got his house, she gave him some to spruce the place up a bit.


Thank you for reading. This turned into more of a memory lane thing than I thought it would.


If you ever want some ink, please contact John or Alanda at Death or Glory Tattoo in Council Bluffs. They do amazing work. Here is the Facebook page with their info!