Def Leppard To Release New Beer!
"Def Leppard Pale" will be released May 23rd as a tie in to their summer tour
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It's almost a right of passage these days for older bands to branch out their brand to other liquor and alcohol. It looks like Def Leppard can now be added to that list with the announcement of their new beer "Def Leppard Pale". According to, Def Leppard Pale will be released May 23rd as a tie in with this summer's tour with Journey. The band teamed up with the Elysian Brewing Company to create the beer that Def Leppard front man says "tastes great". I'm sure he's a bias opinion...

According to Joe Bisacca of Elysian Brewing Company, the beer will be a combination of the best of both British and American beers. He describes Def Leppard Pale by saying, "The best of British beer is the malt body and that beautiful malt balance. And the best thing about American beer is the citrus, piney hops. So we’ve taken those two aspects, put them together and come up with a beer you can actually drink a few of -- 6 percent ABV you can drink all night long."

Sounds delicious to me! Now I just need to find who sells these things...

Check out the band's official teaser video for the new Def Leppard Pale!

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