The Smashing Pumpkins Were Amazing.

I’m bias. Super Bias.   This post is also going to be super deep and personal, so buckle up.   When I was 14/15, right before being diagnosed with that fun filled anxiety/depression combo, I felt confused? I had no way to really describe how I was feeling because I had no idea. A combination…read more »

Sp Tatt

My New Tatt

The Smashing Pumpkins have been my all time favorite band since I was 15. When I Discovered Siamese Dream and then their other works, it was exactly what angsty teenage Nick needed. I felt like I could 100% relate to every song.   Then, about a year ago, The Pumpkins started sharing and doing little…read more »

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What Are You Mad About Today?!

I’m not usually one to rant, but today has been a day.   At my first job (which isn’t in radio and is okay, but not as cool as this one) I was bombarded with a constant stream of questions I didn’t know the answers to and people were getting huffy with me because “I…read more »

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No, Music Was Not Better “Back In Your Day”

We’ve all heard it. People older than us always claim that the music they grew up with was way better than “any of the sh*t you kids listen to now”. I’m even guilty of it, but that isn’t true.   Music is way too subjective and personal of a thing to claim that what you…read more »


My First Comic Con

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend O Comic Con! I’ve always been a huge nerd, but growing up in a small town, conventions like this don’t really exist. I was living in Omaha this time last year, but life kept me busty so I also didn’t get the chance to attend last…read more »


PSA: Stay Hydrated At Concerts!

The last national run of the Van’s Warped Tour is currently underway. The festival features a ton of amazing bands and is held outside in multiple cities across the US. It is/was THE summer festival. Of course, with summer festivals, it is important to stay as hydrated as possible. Especially this summer, where hell Has…read more »

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