Yesterday I Saw “Yesterday”

Yesterday I Saw “Yesterday”

A few months ago I this trailer for the movie “Yesterday”dropped. It’s about a dude who wakes up from an accident in a world where the Beatles never existed and he takes up the torch to bring their music to the world.


Then a few weeks later I posted THIS article about how that trailer led me down my own journey to fully “discovering” and embracing the Beatles.


All of that led up to last night, where I finally had the chance to see this movie that’s already been out for a while.


It was fantastic.


I’ll definitely not spoil anything just because it’s great and deserves to be seen.


I’ll start with the movie itself. The concept alone is amazing. The execution also not horrible. The acting or singing probably could have been done better but it was still very effective in how it all tied together.


The editing was probably my favorite part. Half traditional, half surreal, with a lot of running jokes and clever montages. The Easter eggs hidden inside that I caught were solid too.


I will say, the acting really did shine in the parts where he played the songs and people had to act like they’ve literally never heard a Beatles song in their life, which I’m sure was very hard.

Also Ed Sheeran is in the movie a lot more than I thought he would be..and he’s a pretty surprisingly not bad actor so that’s neat!

There’s also a bit of a cool surprise toward the end that could definitely give mixed reactions based on how you are, but overall I’d give it a 8/10.


My experience on the other hand was also great. I saw this at 5pm on a THursday at a mall. Nobody was in there a part from an older couple, parents with two of their daughters, and three older ladies in front of me.


The three women in front of me were having a blast. They were nodding their heads whenever a song was played, and just were really into it. I have a feeling they’ve been fans since the very beginning.

Seeing other people enjoy themselves is always a great added experience.

The absolute coolest part of the movie was when it was over though. Let me explain.

When the movie was over I just felt like thinking. Sure a big part of the movie was “what if the Beatles never existed” but it was also so much more. There were some really solid messages in the movie and it definitely got me thinking about some stuff in my personal life I needed to think about.


Basically, please just go see this movie, whether it’s in a theater or at home whenever it comes out on whatever platform it’ll be on.

Thank you for reading!



Photo by Mike from Pexels