How to Help Australia

How to Help Australia

Wildfires are devastating our friends in Australia and they need our help.  Here are 7 ways you can help right now, and the latest news and social media posts related to the Australian Wildfires.


  1. Donate to local Fire Brigades fighting the wildfires right now CLICK HERE

  2. Estimates are that nearly half a billion animals have been killed since the wildfires began.  Help rescue animals with your donations CLICK HERE

  3. Donate to the group ‘Wires’ which is a group that rescues wildlife and relies heavily on volunteers and donations. CLICK HERE

  4. Donate to families of firefighters who have died on duty fighting fires. CLICK HERE

  5. Koalas are in danger and need your help. With your donations to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital to help rescue more Koalas. CLICK HERE

  6. The Salvation Army’s Disaster Appeal needs donations to continue helping families affected or relocated by the wildfires. CLICK HERE

  7. And, if you know anyone IN Australia, you can donate clothing and other items needed. CLICK HERE

What are people doing to help the thousands of animals at risk in Australia? Click on the Pic for the full story and how you can help!
Social Media has played a big part in how people are helping with donations, drives, and easy ways for you to immediately help people in Australia.

The Latest News on the Australian Wildfires

Get the latest news on what is happening in Australia with the devastating wildfires across the entire continent.