Experts Reveal Things You Shouldn’t Waste Your Monday On For Your Wedding

Experts Reveal Things You Shouldn’t Waste Your Monday On For Your Wedding

It’s no secret that weddings cost a lot of money, but the truth is, brides and grooms are often wasting money on things they may think are important but guests probably couldn’t care less about.

Well, now some wedding experts are sharing their thoughts on things couples should never waste their money on and it may just help you cut back on your budget.

Things you should never spend money on for your wedding day include:

  • Personalized party favors – Guests will probably leave them behind, and as expert Brittany Finkle notes, “Trust us, no one remembers the tchotchke you gave away at your wedding.”
  • Multi-part invitations or fancy envelopes – Over-the-top wedding invites with a bunch of extras are a total waste of money. It’s a waste of paper and weighs down the invite. Plus forget the fancy envelope because it’s the first thing that gets thrown out.
  • Photo booths – While they may be fun and cute, wedding planner Karen Norian says they aren’t the best and most affordable way to capture important wedding moments. She says put more money into a good wedding photographer to capture candid moments with your guests.
  • Printed programs – Wedding planner Brian Worley says they are a total waste of money. But he notes if you’re having a wedding outside in the heat they could be good for fans. In the end they just wind up in the trash.
  • Champagne toast – While it may seem like a necessity, in the end most people don’t actually consume the champagne. Plus buying the round for the guests isn’t cheap. Instead let guests toast you with whatever they are already drinking.
  • Trendy dessert stations – While this may seem like a better option than a big expensive cake, they wind up being much more costly. Plus, there really isn’t much you could do with all the leftovers.
  • Expensive late-night snacks for guests – While some couples feel the need to feed their guests late into the night to keep the party going, these extras are expensive and most people are either gone, or already full and don’t want to eat late.

Source: Insider