The Only Thing People Miss More Than The Gym Is…

The Only Thing People Miss More Than The Gym Is…

It hasn’t been that easy to stay healthy these days, especially since gyms in large parts of the country haven’t been open because of the pandemic. And while some people would love any excuse to be able to skip the gym, it seems there are plenty of people who actually miss it.

A new survey by the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) finds:

  • 59% of Americans miss going to the gym.
  • The only thing they miss more is visiting loved ones (65%).
  • Folks actually miss the gym more than:
    • Going to concerts or games (55%)
    • Going to bars or restaurants (51%)
    • Seeing moves in theaters (46%)

While there are ways to work out at home, it seems many gymgoers aren’t loving them.

  • In fact, 50% of gym members say they are dissatisfied with at-home fitness efforts and changes to their routine.
  • As for why:
  • 54% find their new routines less challenging than what they do at the actual gym.
  • 53% say their routies are less consistent.
  • 51% say they are simply worse

And due to the closing of gyms:

  • 76% of gym goers say they are anxious about their health.
  • 50% are worried about their physical fitness.
  • 49% are concerned about their immunity.

As for what gymgoers miss most:

  • 95% miss at least one aspect of being in their gym.
  • 54% miss the routine of going to the gym.
  • 54% miss the equipment.
  • 51% miss the variety of workouts they can have.
  • 42% miss working out with other people.
  • 36% miss the sense of community that comes with belonging to a gym.

Source: Business Insider