A teacher shares texts from entitled parent – showing us what teachers are dealing with

A teacher shares texts from entitled parent – showing us what teachers are dealing with

Parents and teachers are dealing with a lot these days thanks to remote learning, but some parents apparently don’t realize they have a responsibility to their kids when it comes to school.

A text exchange between a parent and a teacher has gone viral on the Internet, showing exactly what teachers are dealing with when it comes to entitled parents. The exchange starts out with the mom texting the teacher that it’s “ridiculous” that her child is failing every course, noting she’s “disgusted” by the school system and tells the teacher “It’s your job to make sure they understand.”

The parent threatened to go to the “higher ups” with her complaints, but the teacher quickly explained why the kid is doing so badly, noting that the mom is the one responsible for waking her child up and putting her on the computer. The teacher says she tried to contact the mom multiple times to let her know because the child never shows up for class, noting “she has not attended one meeting.”

The mom then complained about the teacher contacting her husband over the issues, even though the teacher pointed out that his information was the contact information provided if they couldn’t reach her. The mom then had the nerve to tell the teacher that if the kid isn’t on the computer she expects a call daily to let her know. The teacher points out she has 54 students and that can’t be done and suggests they meet with administration to go over the issues, and the mom got even more angry, finally adding, “my daughter won’t fail because you’re being lazy.” In the end, the teacher ended the text chain by letter her know the principal would be calling her in the morning to follow up. (Check out the complete exchange here.)

Folks reading this chain were shocked by the parent’s awful behavior.

    • “The classic everyone’s fault but mine Karen parent, the Karent,” one person noted, while another added, “The teacher was being polite, professional and as considerate as possible…I don’t think I could have maintained that all the way through.”
    • Finally, another added, “I’ll say it since the teacher can’t. She’s a terrible person and her husband hates her.”

Source: Bored Panda