Restaurant Workers Reveal Things That Diners Do To Annoy Them

Restaurant Workers Reveal Things That Diners Do To Annoy Them

While restaurants are probably happy to see customers returning, even if it is with social distancing guidelines in place, those doing the serving don’t necessarily love all the things those customers are doing while dining.

Buzzfeed recently asked members of their community who work in restaurants to share the things diners do to annoy them and they were more than happy to share.

They include:

  • “Hands down, it’s parents who sit down and forget they have children. They let them run through the restaurant — not only making it difficult for us servers to do our jobs, but also destroying other guests’ meals.”
  • “I HATE when customers don’t know what they want and say ‘Surprise me!’ Well, buddy, you’re getting the most expensive thing on the menu, and I don’t care if it isn’t to your taste — make up your own mind next time!”
  • “CAMPING AFTER THE BILL IS PAID. It’s fine to sit around for a few minutes after the meal is over, drink your coffee and such, but if it’s the middle of the dinner rush, move your ass! I’ve got another table of 20 waiting to be seated!”
  • “When they eat 80% of the meal but demand that it be taken off the bill because it was disgusting — then ask for a to-go box for it.”
  • “There is nothing worse than a guest snapping, whistling, or grabbing me to get my attention. I’m not a dog. I’m a human being — please treat me as such.”
  • “When people force their menus into your hands while the rest of their party is still ordering. It’s just another thing that I have to juggle while I try to get everything written down correctly!”
  • “People who clap when they hear a glass break.”
  • “People who say they know the owner. Anyone with access to Google can figure out the name of the owner. If you’re really such a dear friend of the owner, the owner would have alerted us that a friend would be dining in the restaurant. You ain’t special.”
  • “When you’re in the middle of the lunch rush and have a giant group come in during their break and say they need to be out in 45 minutes. Like, what?!?! You and your giant-ass group should have gone to McDonald’s!”
  • “Allergies vs. dietary preference. We are more than willing to accommodate your diet, whether it’s a health issue or a preference — but please don’t tell us you are allergic to something if you aren’t.”
  • “The ones who say you’re the best server ever, but their tip says otherwise…?”

Source: Buzzfeed