Person ridiculed for trying to give away sex toys

Person ridiculed for trying to give away sex toys

Last week we told you about the woman who was left mortified when she accidentally donated her sex toys to a charity. Well, now one woman is going to be just as embarrassed for trying to actually give hers away.

A woman in Britain posted a picture of a bunch of second-hand goods she was giving away, when folks noticed some very interesting items in the pile. The picture was posted to the Free Stuff South London Facebook group, offering the items up to anyone who wanted them, and sitting amongst some towels, leggings and other stuff was what looked like two sex toys.

The post prompted a bunch of hilarious comments from folks questioning the inclusion of the personal pleasure items.

    • One person jokd that the OP must not need them anymore because “found a boyfriend.”
    • Another noted, “Came to check the comments to see if I wasn’t the only one spotting a special lady friend!”
    • One person even offered up a review of the items up for grabs, noting, “I’ve got one of those… it’s not my favorite but it’s right up there.”

In the end the OP insisted that the two items were not hers, and even argued that one of them was a “suction pump” and not a sex toy. Okay…

Source: The Sun