Man Lies To Girlfriend Who Thinks His Tom Brady Tattoo Is For Her

Man Lies To Girlfriend Who Thinks His Tom Brady Tattoo Is For Her

A man recently shared that his girlfriend has always encouraged him to get a tattoo, but he was waiting until he found a “truly meaningful” reason to do so. Well, that all changed last week when Tom Brady won another Super Bowl.

The OP says he’s always admired the quarterback, and when he won his seventh Super Bowl he decided to get Tom’s number 12 tattooed on his arm in blue, in reference to the New England Patriots, Tom’s team for 20 years. When the OP got back home he showed his girlfriend the tat and told her he did it because he had “finally found something meaningful enough to me.” She quickly started crying because she thought it was a nod to the year they started dating, 2012, calling it “beautiful and romantic,” and the OP lied and didn’t correct her assumption.

“The entire time getting the tattoo it didn’t even occur to me that 2012 was the year we started dating or that she would even make that connection,” he writes, adding to the lie by telling her he chose blue because of her blue eyes, not because the were Patriots colors.

Now he’s torn over what to do, noting he feels like he needs to keep the true reason he got the tat a secret even though he’s already told his brothers and friends. “I’m worried because the implication is that Tom Brady is more important to me than she is, which isn’t true. He’s just been a part of my life longer,” he writes. “Either way I feel like she’s going to be upset.”

He then asked folks what he should do, and the responses were mixed.

    • “Aw dude, you f***ed up. You lied to her? That sucks, man,” one person noted. “You have to be aware of the fact that you dug yourself into this hole. Tell the truth, deal with the consequences.”
    • But another noted, “You tell your friends and family that you were joking before and you got the tattoo for your girlfriend. Then you take it to your grave.”
    • And then there was the person who shared, “I have no advice but I laughed very hard at the predicament you have now gotten yourself into.”

Source: The Mirror