01-26-21 - DONUTS

Study: Eating Donuts May Put You In A Bad Mood

What you eat can have a big impact on your mood and lots of us turn to comfort foods, like pasta or ice cream, when we want a pick-me-up. But it turns out, some of the stuff we think of as comfort foods may not actually make us feel good after we eat it. New…read more »

01-15-21 - White Castle

White Castle Transforming To Drive-Ins For Valentine’s Day

White Castle isn’t going to let something like a global pandemic stop their annual Valentine’s Day celebrations. The fast food chain just announced they are bringing back their 30-year Valentine’s Day dining tradition, just with a twist. Since many restaurants are closed to in-person dining due to the coronavirus, this Valentine’s Day White Castle will…read more »

11-12-20 BRIDE

Bride rips wedding dress shop only to find out she had it on wrong

A bride-to-be was called out after griping about a wedding dress she bought online. The unidentified woman admitted to sending an “angry letter” to the staff at Milly Bridal along with two unflattering pictures of herself in the gown, saying it looked nothing like the pictures online. Their response? They told her, “You put the…read more »

survival of the fittest, 3D rendering, blue street sign

Study: Snuggling with your partner helps you sleep better

Want to get a better night’s sleep? You may want to get a little closer to your partner in bed. According to a recent study, cuddling, snuggling or spooning with your sweetie can actually help you sleep longer and more deeply. The research focused on 12 young couples whose sleeping patterns were tracked in a lab…read more »

survival of the fittest, 3D rendering, blue street sign

Here Are The Most Attractive Halloween Costumes According To Singles

While we don’t necessarily think of Halloween as a romantic holiday, how you dress for the holiday may go a long way in helping you find love. So, what costumes should you pick if you are hoping to attract a new partner? Well a new Dating.com survey finds: 48% of singles say Halloween is their favorite…read more »


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