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“They say you die twice. Once when you stop breathing and the second, a bit later on, when somebody mentions your name for the last time.” – Bansky   Today, I went to Death or Glory Tattoo in Council Bluffs to get a very special piece done.   My grandmother was like a 3rd parent…read more »


Hot Take: Tiny Dancer Is One Of The Best Songs Ever Composed

Count the headlights on the highway and hold me closer, because here are  5 reasons “Tiny Dancer” is one of the best songs ever made.   ONE Just look at that sexy sound wave taken from the start of Elton singing to the end of the first chorus. I’ve marked it out in the picture…read more »


Saw Mill Museums Exist..and I Went To One

Over the long weekend, I decided to go across Iowa to the other river and visit my friend in Clinton, IA.   The drive took about 5 hours and right when I got into town, I noticed a billboard advertising the “Saw Mill Museum”.   I audibly said “The F— is a sawmill museum and…read more »

berries-close-up-cranberries-139917 (2)

Nick Reviews: The Cranberries – “In The End”

“In The End” is the final album from Irish Alt group The Cranberries.   This album is special in so many ways, and honestly, I probably wouldn’t have even had it on my radar to begin with if it was produced the way it was supposed to be, instead of how it was (which I…read more »

Spiderman Costume

My Avengers Adventure

[NO SPOILERS]   My dad took me to see Iron Man in theaters on my 11th birthday. Something about that movie did something to my 11 year old brain. It inspired me in a weird way that no other movie had before that. That day Iron Man became my (2nd) favorite hero.   I had…read more »


Born and raised in Iowa, I moved to the big city to talk to you about music! I might be a Millennial, but I’m one of those cool ones..probably?

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