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Record Store Day 2019 Recap

Here we are, at the end of another amazing holiday.   This was my second RSD in a row and I love it more and more every year. As always, everyone in line was really cool! From the time I showed up (8 am) to the time doors actually opened (10am) everyone was all really…read more »


5 Covers Just As Good As The Original

Personally, I love when an artist or band covers a song. It’s always cool to hear an alternate take on a song. That being said, I’m also a music snob so I have a very high standard for what a “good cover” has to be. Basically my three main points are: It has to keep…read more »


Every Place/Location Mentioned In RHCP Songs

It’s a long running joke that all you have to do to make a Red Hot Chili Peppers song is just get a funky baseline and mention California a few times.   But, according to a post made by Reddit user Flamingo58, over their discography, California is only actually mentioned 113 times. That’s still a…read more »


Quick-ish Review: The Dirt

**Soft spoilers, don’t read unless you already know what happens or don’t care**     “The Dirt” is the biopic about Motley Crue that released on Netflix, and over the weekend I had the chance to finally watch it.   Being 21, I never really had the chance to experience them in their prime. This…read more »


Everything You Need To Know For Record Store Day 2019

My favorite holiday, Record Store Day, is coming on April 13th! We’re a couple weeks out, but I figure it’s best to prep now in case you have a limited edition vinyl you’re scoping out and want to be sure to snag before it’s gone!   Let’s break down some of the cool exclusives. This…read more »

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Odd Opener Added to Final Slayer Shows

On the “Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning” Podcast run by Bill Burr,  Les Claypool came on to talk about his new project The Claypool Lennon Delirium. In the interview Claypool also revealed Primus will be opening for Slayer   Watch below to hear the announcement. Then I suggest listening to the whole show, because Les Claypool…read more »


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