02-24-20 - MAIN GRAPHIC

9 Tips for Taking a Mental Health Day (That Work!)

I think most of the time we forget about the option to take a mental health day.  If you have sick days at work there is nothing wrong with taking a mental health day if you need it, in fact it’s probably the best thing you can do! Mental health is tough because we can’t see it…read more »


Most Anticipated Shows of 2020

2020 has already delivered on several greatly anticipated shows, such as “Picard,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10,” “The Outsider,” and “The New Pope,” just to name a few… And, even though we’re not even half way through any of those shows, there are plenty of new shows we are excited to see that are still…read more »

02-19-20 - babies graphic

Made-Up Baby Names On The Rise?

Naming another human being can be one of the more stressful decisions a parent makes in life.  There are so many factors to consider; Does the name rhyme with anything bad? Is this name that people will take serious 20 years from now? Do we really have to name him after her grandfather, ‘Cornelius McButtMuffin???’ The most…read more »

02-17-20 - presidents day main graphic

Presidents’ Day Funniest Memes

Today is Presidents Day, but don’t worry if you didn’t remember that because most people didn’t either.  George Washington’s birthday and Presidents day are a 2 for 1 holiday deal that no one really knows what to do with. Do I make my famous Franklin Pierce Potato Cakes?  George H. W. Busch Lights? And I…read more »